Burlington Hotel, Port Costa Haunted


In the small town of Port Costa rests a hotel that not many people have not heard of or seen before.  Many of the workers and past guests believe that the hotel is haunted.  Being from the Bay Area I had never heard of Port Costa until 2006 when I first learned of this location and its one of kind charm still captivates me to this day.

The town itself is nestled along the Carquinez Delta in California.  Port Costa was founded in 1879, and served as a bustling Port for wheat until the 1930′s.  Many referred to the town as one of the wildest on the west coast.  Early in the 1900′s the town once housed over 3,000 inhabitants, but now it has dwindled down to just over 190.

There are no records that can give us a definitive answer of when the Burlington Hotel was built, or even what it was used for.  The Building oozes of Victorian architecture in both its exterior and interior which leads many to believe it was built some where around 1890 to 1905 when most of the other structures were built in Port Costa.  Many residents and historians believe that it was used for prostitution as well as speakeasy, which could help fuel the paranormal activity there.

Paranormal Investigation

During our last visit in December we were able to capture a couple of electronic voice phenomenas using our Digital Recorders.  Most of the enviromental data we picked up proved rather inconclusive.  However, we did pick up interesting spikes on a natural EM meter that was placed in a room were one of the house keepers had witnessed some anomalous activity in the past.  We were unable to replicate the spikes on the EM device, and they only happened once in that location for 4 hours, it was during this time we picked up our most conclusive EVP for the night.