Experiencing a Haunting?

Where To Start…

If you are currently experiencing an unusual event this section may be of some help. Should you have any questions or need any other assistance, please do not hesitate to contact sf bay area paranormal investigators. We would be happy to talk to you about your experiences and discuss the possibility of an investigation.

Remain Calm
Although many people experience strange events, very few of them turn out to be paranormal. It is important that you remain clear-headed and objective while dealing with this experience. Some experiences happen only once, others reoccur. If your event only happened once, it may not be possible to find the cause.

Document All Paranormal Experiences
If the event is recurring, each person who is witnessing the events should start a written journal. Each person should record as much information as possible about what they are experiencing. Be sure to include time, date, where you were, what you were doing, who else was at the location when the event occurred, what they were doing, the weather, etc. Then write about the event in as much detail as you can. These journals will be critical when you begin to analyze the events that your are perceiving as paranormal.

Mundane or Paranormal?
Before you can begin to consider the possibility that you are experiencing a haunting, you must first carefully rule out any mundane causes for the events (like sounds made by old plumbing systems or animals living in crawl spaces.). Review all your journals and see if any patterns emerge. Use your best judgment and common sense. Many paranormal cases can be explained due to natural reoccurring stimuli which occur in the environment which can be perceived as being paranormal, 

Research the Paranormal
If you are truly convinced you are experiencing a haunting, then the next step in dealing with it is to learn why it is happening. Begin by researching the history of the location or item that seems to be the focus of the haunting. Contact previous owners or tenants and see if they have had similar experiences. Attempt to understand the events and entities that may be causing the haunting.

Request a Paranormal Investigation
After you have examined all the possible causes for these events and you are sure you have ruled out the possible mundane causes, you may wish to contact us for additional advice or to request a no-cost, systematic, and confidential investigation of your case.

Getting Rid of a Ghost
There is no absolute way to get rid of a ghost or stop a haunting. Ghosts move on when they are ready. There are psychics who claim to be able to “clear” a house. While some of these people are reputable and may have had a high success rate, be careful to hire only people that you trust. There are also a few things you can try on your own that may help alleviate activity.

One method that seems to have some success is to simply talk to the ghost. Using the information from your research, try to identify and communicate with the ghost. Sit quietly, introduce yourself and talk to them. Try to find out what the ghost wants. Let them know that you are not going anywhere and that you will need to share the space.

Suggested Reading and Sources:

Ghost Hunter’s Guide Book, by Troy Taylor

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