Our Methodology for Paranormal Investigations

How our paranormal investigations work

Contacting a paranormal investigation group can be daunting because you don’t know what to expect. We want to stress that we are not just ghost hunters that go to haunted locations but we are paranormal investigators.  Below is our step by step framework for how our paranormal investigations work and what you can expect from us at SF Bay Area Paranormal.

Please note that each case is different in paranormal activity and in scope.  We follow these phases to ensure that that both the client and our paranormal investigation team are aligned, so that we can give you answers that you seeking.

Phase 0 – Contact

We receive an investigation request from the potential client via email.

Phase 1 – Initial Interview

The first interview is typically conducted over the phone. This interview allows us to get the details of the case and determine if:

  1. The case falls within the scope of San Francisco Bay Area Paranormal goals
  2. San Francisco Bay Area Paranormal can meet the client’s needs. (The result of this phase is the Interview Report.)

Phase 2 – Case Review

The main investigative team reviews the Interview Report and makes formal recommendations on how San Francisco Bay Area Paranormal can be of service to the client.  If we cannot be of servirce the case will be passed to another organization. The result of this phase is the Case Action Plan or CAP. The CAP is then reviewed with the client.

In some cases we may request that the client consult with their health care provider prior to the start of an investigation.

haunted house paranormal investigation

Phase 3 – Execution of Paranormal Investigation

Should San Francisco Bay Area Paranormal move forward with the paranormal investigation, the team will begin to systematically execute the tasks set out in the CAP. Typically, these tasks include:

  1. Face-to-face interviews with the client and any relevant witnesses
  2. Background and historical research on the locations or items in question
  3. Initial on-site survey to create maps, assemble floor plans, draw sketches, take photographs, and establish a base line measurement of relevant energy emissions
  4. Conduct follow up on-site surveys as needed in order to properly document any anomalous events
  5. Analysis of collect data
  6. Formulate recommendations

This phase results in the creation of a Case Findings and Recommendation Report (CFR) that is presented to the client.

Phase 4 – Discloser and Recommendations

The investigative team reviews the CFR with client. During this time San Francisco Bay Area Paranormal provides detailed information about what has been discovered during the course of the investigation and, if necessary, provides any recommendations. Unless there are any extenuating circumstances, the case investigation is considered complete at the end of this phase.