Recommended Reading on the Paranormal and other Unexplained Phenomena

“The Truth About Medium” –¬†Gary E. Schwartz, William L. Simon

“Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife” – Mary Roach

“Hostage to the Devil” – Malachi Martin: The possession and exorcism of five contemporary Americans.

“The Demonologist” – Gerald Daniel Brittle: The extraordinary career of Ed and Lorraine Warren.

“The Other Side” – Marley Gibson, Patrick Burns, Dave Schrader: A Teen’s Guide to Ghost Hunting and the Paranormal.

“The Ghost Hunter’s Survival Guide” – Michelle Belanger: Protection Techniques for Encounters with the Paranormal.

“The Complete Approach” – Barry Fitzgerald, Dustin Pari: A Scientific and Metaphysical Guide to the Paranormal.

“When Ghosts Speak” – Mary Ann Winkowski: Understanding the World of Earthbound Spirits.

“The American Indian Secrets of Crystal Healing” – Luc Bourgault: The secrets and teaching of the Cherokee and Apache tribes.

“Poltergeist” – Colin Wilson: A classic study in destructive haunting.

“The Haunting of America” – William J. Birnes, Joel Martin: From Salem Witch Trials to Harry Houdini.

“Yetis Sasquatch & Hairy Giants” – David Hatcher Childress

“Hauntings & Poltergeists” – Lloyd Auerbach: A Ghost Hunter’s Guide.