Whats the deal with ghosts???

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Okay. so I ask what’s the deal with ghosts???? I may be wrong, but my guess is that you’re probably reading this in the hope I’ll tell some cool ghost stories. More than that, I’ll add the customary showmanship to the stories. But wait. I’ll give you the real scoop right off the bat: there … Read more

Opening your mind to the paranormal

It’s nearly impossible to access nonordinary experience with ordinary consciousness because the ordinary consciousness we learn in this society tends to be exclusive. That is, our consciousness splits up what we see into pieces so that we interpret what we see and feel from a linear cause-and-effect perspective. This sort of mental organization has benefits, … Read more

How to write a paranormal investigation report

Ask people who routinely conduct paranormal investigations what the most terrifying part of an investigation is and there is a huge chance that the person you ask will begin to shake uncontrollably and mumble almost incorherently that, without question, the most terrifying part is . . . writing up the investigative report. I understand the … Read more

Starting a Ghost Investigation

From what most of us have learned from TV and films, ghost hunting is exciting, right? Wrong. In fact, use of the word “hunting” is misleading: paranormal investigations mostly consist of fruitless waiting around without results. Our chance of winning the lottery is similar to experiencing genuine phenomena during an investigation. . If investigations are … Read more

Tibetan Philosophy and Ghosts

If asked to name the most exotic place that comes to mind, we might answer “Tibet.” Certainly, Tibet seems wildly unconventional (and maybe a little frightening) to Westerners, but most of what we hear is based on horror stories that play on our fascination with, and fear of, things like corpses and magic. Yes, Tibetans … Read more

Ghosts in Japanese Culture

We Westerners hear about the mysterious East, but often don’t stop to think why we think the Far East is so mysterious. Part of this problem is that Westerners simply don’t understand Eastern culture. Behind superficial differences between the two cultures, it seems that fundamental shifts in focus are most responsible for cultural confusion between … Read more

Case Study – Paranormal in Madrid

One of the challenges of conducting investigations of paranormal activity is, of course, determining whether an event is worth investigating. That’s because strange noises are often nothing more than completely explainable bumps in the night. Occasionally, however, there are events worth investigating. If there seems to be genuine events, how does an investigator proceed with … Read more

Sound in Paranormal Investigations Part 2

I suggest that an understanding of frequency is the key to what we call paranormal activity. Let’s talk about how animals link to the paranormal through their sensitivity to frequency. The animal sense that most clearly surpasses human sensitivity is hearing. That some animals hear better than humans is hardly news, but this ability becomes … Read more

Sound in Paranormal Investigations Part 1

While there’s ample reason to believe that hauntings correlate to infrasonic, or low frequency, wave patterns, I suggest that different types of paranormal phenomena relate to both the infrasonic and ultrasonic, frequencies that are out of the range of human hearing. Indeed, if we, as some British scientists propose, are emotionally and physically responsive to, … Read more

Ghosts and Gods

In contrast to the modern conception of ghosts, many ancient societies not only thought that awe-inspiring gods were a form of ghost, but also believed that it was appropriate to lump spirits of nature and monsters into their definition of ghosts. In other words, ghosts were not necessarily the dead. They were anything that was … Read more