San Francisco Bay Area Paranormal Investigations is located in Northern California

Our paranormal investigation group is a non-profit paranormal group. We research, and document paranormal phenomena, and we have over 50 years of experience in the paranormal and are considered by many to be the authority to the unexplained in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

We currently conduct paranormal investigations / research, in San Francisco, Bay Area Peninsula, East Bay, San Jose, Fremont, Vallejo, Sonoma, and Modesto and surrounding areas. We investigate claims of hauntings, demonic possession, ghosts, shadow figures, haunted objects, ufos, and other anomalous unexplained phenomena. San Francisco Bay Area Paranormal is made up of seasoned paranormal investigators and parapsychologists who have studied with world renowned researchers in the field such as John Zaffis, and Lloyd Auerbach.

San Francisco Bay Area Paranormal is compassionate, trusted, honest and energetic.  Our passion is to aid our clients in finding peace of mind, a resolve, and taking back their business or home from paranormal activity.  We may connect with mediums, who provide us with assistance on select investigations.

San Francisco Bay Area Paranormal is as curious as you are, to answer the age old question: “what happens after we die?”

San Francisco Bay Area respects your privacy & confidentiality.  We will not publicize any information without the permission of the client.  San Francisco Bay Area Paranormal does NOT charge a fee for investigations within the San Francisco Bay Area, however, we do ask you for permission to publish our research findings on the web to better promote education on the paranormal. If requesting us to travel outside of our area, assistance with travel costs may be necessary. 

We thank you for visiting our website.  Feel free to send us a message via our “Contact” page