Paranormal Investigator Bios

Tim Wood / Founder, Paranormal Investigator

Tim Wood began his interest in the paranormal at an early age.  He first started investigating the paranormal in Northern California in 2002 after attending school at UC Davis with numerous groups, that included Bay Area Paranormal Investigations (BAPI), Sonoma Spirit, and Bay Area Society for Paranormal Research.  He has studied under Lloyd Auerbach, and John Zaffis.  In 2007 he created since its inception has provided live interactive paranormal investigations from some of the most well known haunted locations in the world.  His live, interactive, web broadcasts have been viewed by millions of viewers.  He is considered not only as an innovator in paranormal research, but also in live streaming technology. Tim’s technical innovations have allowed his audience from all over the world to participate in his live events. Those in attendance at this event will have an opportunity to contribute to a rare demonstration of mind / matter interaction and Tim will webcast the results live as they happen. 

Tim Wood has researched and performed paranormal investigations at some of the most haunted locations in the world, which include Sallie House, Bobby Mackey’s, Waverly Hills, Alcatraz, Sharon Tate House, Queen Mary, USS Hornet, Washoe Club, St. Mary’s Hospital. He has also helped numerous people with demonic possessions and hauntings.

Tim has been featured in numerous publications and news articles regarding his paranormal research at these locations.  Some of them can be found here.

Patrick Langdon / Forensic Photographer, Paranormal Investigator

Patrick Langdon is a SoCal native who has held a fascination in all things paranormal for years. Having witnessed unexplainable occurrences while
 investigating historic downtown LA hotels, private residences, and
 famous haunts, Patrick seeks answers and believes the truth remains to be found. Patrick is a professional photographer whose real-life CSI police experience has helped 
re-create and analyze alleged ghost photos. Currently, he investigates 
with the team and San Francisco Bay Area Paranormal.